The Pavillion among Maples in Frost

Shuang Feng Shu
The Studio of Three Words.
Visit the web's only virtual Chinese seal-carving service.
Generations of the Koh family.
See the poem from which each generation of my family takes their names.
Chinese Constellations.
The Chinese have astronomical records dating back thousands of years.
Chinese New Year greetings.
So what does that greeting card actually say?

You should not need Chinese language software to view any of the Chinese language pages on this site. All Chinese words are stored as image files.


The name of this website comes from the poem "Mountain journey" by Tang dynasty poet, Du Mu. The text of the poem appears as the background for this page. The "leaves redder than April blossoms" are adapted from the Autumn Leaves theme by Natural Desktop Themes. The graphics on this page were produced using Chinese Star 2.97, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and Corel Draw 8.

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